Monday, December 27, 2010

Magic was Made.....

Christmas Day started out as beautiful as can be.  The sunrise was splendid. Even though  it only lasts a few moments, and  the camera does not do it justice, it was a sight to behold.

 On the central west coast of California, we had our coffee on the deck in the crisp morning air, watching as the beauty transformed itself into Christmas Day.

We waited for our children to wake up, not for them to  see what magic had happened, but rather to thank them for creating the magic. At the ages of 17 & 20 they have been making the 'magic' happen for us the past couple years.

We had done a lot of prep work on Christmas Eve to prepare for the big feast.

There would be twelve eating dinner, some family from out of state, some from around the corner. Our house is the gathering spot for all.
Our table has been set ...
As the rain came down outside, Tom cooked the two turkeys on a Weber BBQ and filled the deck with a wonderful aroma.
Inside a Prime Rib Roast with all the fixings was slowly cooking away in the oven. Family arrived, visited, caught up on life and simply enjoyed each others company.
It was time to eat, we lit  the candles, and served the food,

Another wonderful meal, another wonderful day, another year ahead.
As we awoke on Dec 26th, still full from the meal, we were greeted with another beautiful start to a new day.
The rainbow spanning over the place we are lucky enough to call home is a reminder of all the beauty we get to enjoy living here.
Our little baby Bojangles basks in the sunlight of the early morning, and licks his lips remembering what he got as a supper treat the night before, at least that is why I think he is licking his lips.

Enjoy your day and remember what you have in your life to be grateful for!

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