Saturday, December 11, 2010

So Lucky I am.....

It hit me again, the need to create. I can not seem to get it out of my system. My sweetie will walk into my craft room and I jump, thinking I should be doing something else. He does not care, I seem to bring all this on myself. He only wants me to be happy. I am a very lucky girl!!!
As I was creating my newest ornament thing using goodies sent to me by a fellow blogger, Beth at Gathering Dust, I was getting so excited and thrilled. Somehow my sweetie understands this. How I am not sure, because I am not sure I understand myself.

You see, today we had scheduled to repair the chicken coop. So out early and ready to work, that's the motto for us, I mentioned I really wanted to 'post' about my new little stockings.
I was delighted when he grabbed his guitar and started playing me a song and said......Go ahead.
So he strummed, while I posted and now it is out of my system and into blogland where they can be viewed and maybe spark someones creative engine.

 I would love to see any that are made as a result of these little gems.

Right now, I am going to pop on over to Gammy's Little House and give her one as a little holiday pick me up. You see she actually lives next door. How lucky am I?

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Sandy said...

I love my little stocking's so adorable...I mean adorable! I want a whole bunch hanging on my tree... I wonder if I'll have to jump up and make some???? Like I said, I like to decorate all the way up to Christmas, so this could be another ornament or two that I will have to copy! That was a very lovely surprise...makes me so happy. Don't work to hard.....BIG HUGS AND THANKS>>>> xoso

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