Friday, February 17, 2012

Put the Squeeze on it!

I was trolling the aisles of Dollar Tree looking for a project. to keep me busy. I  was out of luck, no inspiration. A couple things did fall into by little hand basket, like this toothpaste tube squeezer,

 but no crafting items.
Upon returning home and putting my tube in place,

 I had a revelation. This would work great on my E6000 tube that is hard to squeeze and always a crumpled wreck.

 It will also help get all my precious sticky out of the tube. Waste not want not.

 Maybe it will help you too.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Meet Miss Maddie

I was inspired by some birds I saw while cruising Pinterest. Then while I was out
I found this wonderful southern belle hiding in a corner of a little antique shop. She must have been embarrassed by her dress being so dirty and banged up. I don't blame her.

I scooped her up and took her home.  She got set on a silver dish, then lifted upon a pedestal and of course glued together with E6000. There really is nothing better!

Next I needed to make her colors flow properly. I gave the whole thing a good coating of Frosted glass paint. This is clear but gives it tooth for the next coat to grab on to.
Once dry it was time to base coat the whole thing in an antique white.

 Now for the color. I choose a nice creamy brown (you know, whatever I had in the shelf) and watered it down a bit.

Next It got brushed all over and especially in the nooks and crannys of the whole piece. With paper towels ready, I wiped off the excess brown until I was satisfied with the proper amount showing.

Then she got a few slight gold highlights to add a bit of shimmer. Not too much, just a hint.

The final step was to give her a clear coat of UV Protection sealer. Now she holds her head high and sits in the shop waiting for someone else to find and love her. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

He saw the potential.

You know you have raised an optimistic child when they too can see the good and the 'could be' through all the stuff and yuck.
My 21 year old  son has been living on his own for the better part of two years now. He recently had the opportunity to move. He saw the potential and took this new home. However, moving day came at an unfortunate time. The old renter had not removed all their belongings and as soon as Kevin's  things were delivered (dumped) in the new place, he had to be out of town for a few days. My husband & I went in and pulled a 'while you were out' sort of  event.

We cleaned, straightened and moved in a few more goodies.

It was a nice surprise for our son when he arrived to find he had his house in order.





Not too bad for a young person. So glad he can see potential in junky environments. It surely isn't my style, but then again it isn't my room. His room is truly REFRESHED and perfect for him and his dog.

 I am linking to Jennifer Rizzo's 'Refresh your Room Party '
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