Tuesday, December 7, 2010

From one Holiday to the next....

Thanksgiving came & went, Life seems like a blur sometimes, All 17 seats at the Thanksgiving table were filled. The family came from where ever they were to dine at our table once again this year.
After the meal prepared and eaten the kitchen was tided up and a good fun game of Bunco ensued.

After Thanksgiving naturally comes Christmas. I found this great cloth (scary looking) snowman to hold a candy cane for each of my little pumpkins. One for each day until their teeth rot out of their head or when Santa comes, which ever comes first. I am not a candy control freak, and they have both learned to make good choices around the sugary substance. Who doesn't love a good 'ol candy cane in December?
It is our tradition to get our tree the day after Thanksgiving, and spend the weekend decorating the house. Well as the little ones grow up and start to have a life of their own, 17 & 20, things do not go exactly as planned. So we were not getting our tree on friday, not the end of the world, we could still decorate! Right?

I saw on Karlas blog about hanging ornaments from a chandelier and have been waiting for the turkey to get off the table so I could make my own magical hanging centerpiece. Here is the result at night. I love this photo, not that the kids are not in it, but that I have my sweetie by my side.
My sweet fairy perches from the top and keeps an eye on all that goes on in the kitchen.
This year I went with the 'less is more' option for decorating. My husband always states loudly in early October 'Oh No! It's the beginning of the clutter season' I never realized what he really meant by it, but I think I finally got it. Just because I own 7 million decorations of ALL colors, themes and sizes, does not mean they ALL need to be displayed EVERY year, AT THE SAME TIME.

 His eyes get so overwhelmed with lots to look at, I on the other hand, enjoy it. He is quite pleases with the minimilistic decorating approach this year and so am I. Now when the tree comes we will be complete!
In the mean time I will continue to peruse blogs to obtain inspiration, Happy Holidays everyone!

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