Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Treasure Trove, or Chest

Just look at what my husband brought back for me! Isn't he GRAND!
Not one, but TWO trunks (there is one inside too.) and a garage full of antiques.

The furniture will need to be sold because it does not belong to us, we simply moved it for a friend who needs a storage place at the moment. We are not in the storage business, but remember that really clean garage.....

Well,       now it's full again.

About these trunks, Hmm.
I wonder where they have been, I wonder what their story is, were they on a ship cruising an ocean? did they travel by stagecoach? who did they belong to?

This one feels like it may have been the property of a little girl,

Look at the pictures on the inside pull out. I can imagine little dainty frilly lacy things all packed up in here. The cloth hinges have since rotted away. and the smudges from being touched many many many times are a clear indication that this is not a knock-off but a true antique.

I think it is the first really old thing I have owned. Well, there is a china hutch, but that will be another post!

I am thinking about lining them with a really cool fabric, or wallpaper maybe. And how about a nice thick piece of glass for the top. It would make a great coffee table.In any case, it will be a fun project for sure.


Sandy said...

SCORED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love them, can't wait to see in person. Coffee table...BEST IDEA! Even and end table with the littler one...just a thought. I'm still sick but I think I'll live...always on a holiday..what's that about? Mind over matter. OH... signing in was the ticket, I think. Duh...xoso Sandy

The Gilded Cherub said...

Thank you for joining my blog and for the nice email! I just love the trunk your hubby brought home to you, the little one is just adorable! I agree I think it will make a great coffee table. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
The Gilded Cherub

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