Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Organized & Ready

Have you eve tried to find something in your garage only to find you could not even get inside? I was at the point I knew I owned things that would be great to use in my crafting or decorating, but just gave up because the thought of entering the garage was too overwhelming.

Well, Enough was enough. After two solid weekends and multiple trips to the dump and goodwill, my garage is now a place to behold.

A clean garage, with everything in it's place. Now that feels good. After living in the same house for 22 years and raising two children and helping out multiple organizations such as  scouts, 4-H and the like, We had STUFF!! And we had stuff stuffed in places we didn't know stuff could be stuffed.

Well, Not the case anymore.
We now have things that we need, (you know, for creating & crafting) and all those things are neatly in their place. I even have few boxes labled 'Someday' Meaning I will get to using their contents......Someday.
There is even a princess bed for my little Ellie Mae.  Life feels better when you are organized!
Now I am READY to start creating my holiday crafts, just think..... Someday could be today!

1 comment:

The Star Gal said...

How'd you like to come on over to my basement?

Tee-hee. Good job!

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