Thursday, November 18, 2010

Seize The Moment….

Always busy, always moving, always being productive, That’s my husband Tom. He never sits idle, but does stop to enjoy life.

 Here he is feeding our wild doves with a bowl of bird seed. Most would simply toss out the seed on the ground, but not Tom, he will take the time to make sure the doves know it is feeding time. Patiently standing on the deck with bowl in hand, he calls to them, and they flock to his gift of dinner.

While on a routine yard cleaning, mowing spree, he found things lying around which we all routinely walk past simply taking note of their misplaced position in the within our yard. He started gathering and assembled them into a front yard campground, minus tents.
Once the fire was lit, it was time to sit and enjoy a glass of wine. Not wanting the moment to end so soon, we ordered a pizza for delivery. This time they did not need to ring the bell, they simply needed to follow the smoke to the bonfire in the front yard. One by one family members and neighbors gathered around to see what was going on and have a bite to eat. There is nothing like chatting around an impromptu campfire with friends.

It was such a clear November evening and the temperature was a mild 65 degrees with a clear sky and no breeze.
All this took place after completing full day of work.

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