Saturday, November 20, 2010

When the going gets rough, Craft!!

  Well it is raining cats & dogs. Now that would be a sight. Neither my cats OR my doge would like that very much. Our beautiful November weather has caught up with the rest of the country and now we are collecting our fair share of rain.
My wonderful man is helping his sister secure her houseboat for the winter, then headed to help mom-in-law collect a few things from the ranch house. Like I said, he never quits.

I opted to stay behind due to getting over a cold and not wanting to be in the COLD weather overnight on a houseboat. (sorry guys)
Things always happen for a reason, as I am sitting at home alone, watching the rain come down a good friend calls and needs somewhere for her little beloved to stay for the day.
 YEAH!! Max is coming, Max is coming.
Here's a little background, I started to babysit ( take care of like my own)Max when he was 18 months old. Now he is 7 and I am no longer needed on a daily basis. I do get excited when I get the call to 'help out'

 What else would we do on a rainy day........BAKE COOKIES!
We found the recipe we wanted and the fun began.

 we were making peanut butter/Hershy kiss cookies. Yummy.
Max did most of the work, we worked on fractions, while reading the recipe, man, does the kid have a knack for math.
Once I showed him how to roll them out into balls of dough, he did the rest. all 3 dozen worth.

 First a little ball, then into the sugar......

 Look at those cheeks!
Well once the cookies were baked and the kitchen cleaned, what to do next?
CRAFT of course.
Now it has happened many times before that Max will make something at my house to wrap up and put under the tree for his mum and poppa.

This year it will be an ornament hanger from Beth & Karla's White Christmas 
I simply printed out the PDF file and we were off to the studio to create.
Max loves creating things with me, and I love his ideas.
I taught him to 'ink' the edges and he liked that idea.
Here is Max's take on Beth's mitten project. He saw the original and made it his own. Don't you love  getting inspired by other peoples art?? I sure do!
I hung it on my door that has been recently refurbished to look old & distressed. I am sure my husband will never figure me out. Max will be wrapping this up for his parents to open on Christmas morning. It is so nice to be able to provide space for   others to create.
Next came my mitten...
I have been obsessed about this mitten project ever since I first saw it. Something about the wholesomeness of the flash-card topper, I am not sure, but I have been thinking about it day & night. Well now I can stop thinking and start looking at it. I am very pleased with my project.
I want to Thank Beth for posting such a timeless piece. Here are the close up parts of my project.
I attempted the fabric folding flower, but will get into more detail on another try.

I will proudly display it among my Christmas wonders and remember the great evening I got to spend with Max creating. As much as I wish I were with my hubby, everything happens for a reason......and he will be home tomorrow!


Lynn Stevens said...

What a great day you had, having Max over making cookies and crafting!! I so miss my son being little, he used to create with me and loved to cook to, one great thing came out of it. hes a fabulous cook now, something most men never learn to cook! Thopse are memories that stay with you forever.
I adore the mitten projects, so sweet! said...

Thanks for posting!! It looks great, I'm glad to see your kiddo working on it too. I'll add this link to my blogroll.

Sandy said...

Yeah for you!! Looks like you were having fun!

Sandy said...

Thanks for the delicious cookies...what a nice taste treat for a lover of chocolate. Kiss Kiss. xoso

Miss Mustard Seed said...

Thi is such a cute project and I love the huge smile! :) Makes it all worth it. Thanks for the kind comments on my blog and I look forward to seeing you around!

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