Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Special Gift!

I made this last year at this time for my darling daughter.

She and I have sorta the same taste. I picked out the soft warm fabric, I found fuzzy cozy cuddlieness to line it with, and  I sewed it all together. Almost.

I  was just completing the last sleeve when someone came into the sewing room and made the statement..'What is that ugly thing you are making?" I got a tad discouraged. I guess everyone does not have the same taste as I do.
Now a little deflated, I was not sure SHE was going to like it . I put it aside and did not complete it. I did not want to give my pretty girl an ugly gift.

To my delight, she wandered into the sewing room one day and saw the partially finished robe. Her expression was great and real. "What is this? I LOVE IT!'  I proceeded to tell her the whole story and then finished the robe. It makes my heart happy to see her wear it.

I think it makes hers happy too. Lesson learned, Never second Guess Yourself When Making a Gift From the Heart.

I am linking to Rebeccas Birthday Party! Pop on over and wish her a Happy Birthday.

Here is this years creation supplies.

I will be making her a blanket to keep her warm when she moves to Idaho next Fall.

Do you like the contrast and quirkyness? I KNOW she does, because she helped pick them out. We still laugh at 'THE UGLY ROBE'
Happy Day Everyone!


Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

I think your robe is beautiful... I just love the rich colors, and it looks great on your daughter!!!
Blessings~~ Daphne

Sandy said...

I wondered what the funny gift would be, I'd forgotten all about the "robe". How cute does Haley look! Sweet! Well, you've been out shopping.... New fabric + sewing = new beautiful blankie. xoso me

Rebecca said...

Thank you so much for sharing my birthday and posting your gift from the heart. I so appreciate your connection with your daughter and the loving relationship you have with one another.
Many Blessings

Miss Sandy said...

What a precious story! You know her well and trusting your instincts was wise. She looks adorable in her robe made of love!

Have a wonderful holiday!

trash talk said...

I say never try to tell a mama what her daughter will love...'cause who knows her better!
While reading this, I kept hearing Dolly singing "My Coat Of Many Colors" and thinking what a wonderful child you have raised.
I also want to say...I love it and the warm fuzzie you are creating for her now. I totally dig the fabric choices! Kudos!!!

Carole said...

Love this story! Goes to show we shouldn't listen to critics. I love the robe and your daughter looks adorable in it.

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