Monday, January 3, 2011

Welcome 2011

It was especially fun ringing in this New Year.

Any reason to decorate.

 As I sit back and think about how many changes this great room has had in just a short time, I get tired. First off Thanksgiving, A table set to serve 16.

 Then Christmas, A table for 12.

Now New Years. We will have 20 for dinner.

We decided to have the neighbors over for a crab feed and a game of Bunco.
Dave & Lisa, Neighbors
Hodges, more neighbors.

Three neighbor ladies

Abby, Christian & Billie, friends of the kids

Kevin & Megan

The kids had their friends over to hang out with us crazy adults. That was fun! 

All preparations had been made, Shrimp & Crab cooked on an outdoor fire on the deck,
Yes, that really is the color of the sky, AMAZING NIGHT!
Food had been set out...
Drinks could be made..
Money placed into bunco jars to be won by five lucky people.
We played,
And played,
And played some more,
Chase, A new friend
We made some new friends,
Jessica, Gary & Dinna   More neighbors & friends
And  had a nice evening visiting with old friends,
Dave & Sandy 
It is so nice that most all live right here on the same street.
Me & my boys
Our Family has had a blessed 2010,
Me & my girl
And looking forward to many rewards in 2011.
The party was over and a New Year has begun...

1 comment:

Sandy said...

I missed this post.... What a fun night...great pics...great food...great booze....great friends....great time, and thanks for having us over to ring in the new year...even if we weren't actually there at mid-night.
xoso Sandy

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