Monday, January 3, 2011

On Cooper Pond

For years now, maybe 15, my husband has wanted a pond in the lower part of our pasture. Well now he has one. 
If you look carefully at the low point in the center of the picture that was taken from my kitchen window, you can see a reflection from his pond.
Ok, it may not be much now, but just keep checking back. Once he gets his mind to something, it will happen.
After many hard rains, we woke to see the water actually pooling. Coffee in hand and dogs close behind, we headed down to the pond.
WOW! It really is a pond, and what do water dogs do when they get by water? They swim.
Our golden Tanner, loves water and did not even flinch striding into the icy water.
It is even colder to him since the day before I shaved him.
Our dog Watson looking at Tanners hair on the floor  hoping I don't shave him too.
He was just so messy, he may look funny, but as my daughter puts it "It's not beach season, so nobody will see him" 

He must feel better, and now he can go into the pond and just get dried off.
After visiting the pond, we headed back up the hill  to the house. Happy to have a pond, finally.

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Creative Breathing said...

Amy, I am so happy to meet you through the HH monthly swap. This was such a fun post, what a beautiful place to live! I love that you are crafting with a friend and look forward to both of your tags revealing who you both are. Looking forward to Monday! Elizabeth

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