Thursday, May 26, 2011

Buying Time...

Have you ever wanted more? Wonder where to get it? Wish you could give it to someone? Well now you can thanks to my crazy ideas that will simply not jump out of my head once in there.

During a crafting weekend I had the notion to make 'Time in a Bottle' I thought it had such a catchy ring to it and was repeating it all weekend long.

 I did not know exactly how it was going to look, but HAD to make it. Here is my version of 'Time in a Bottle' I made a few errors along the way and if I ever make these again, I will correct them, however, I am still pleased with them.

As I was about to race off to photograph my newest brain extraction, I thought about how I could make it stand a little taller and then, the pedestal portion was incorporated.

 Remember, Everything looks better on a pedestal.

These little gems will be debuting in the Vintage Corner shop this afternoon, and now I have that out of my brain. Whew!
What would you do with your extra 'Time'???

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