Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I'm back and getting it all together again!

Today is my Baby Girls 18th Birthday and I am not able to be with her to celebrate, but her brother and some of her hometown friends are with her. She must have really been on my mind while creating my latest project. Love you Bird!

Whew! It has been some time since adding to the blog, but here we go. Sandy, Laura and I had a craft date. Just like the old days. Momma even stopped by to chat and visit. All in all a great day.We knew we were going to be making an assemblage, but did not know how it would turn out.

Here you see a little box holding pearls of wisdom, a vintage pearl bracelet that I could not bear to cut up to make the pearls of wisdom that are sold in the shop. (something told me to leave it in tact) and some coconut buttons gathered from a trip to Hawaii in '07..
The next box I made is representing the fact that my baby girl has moved to Idaho.
This cute little number is a true vintage knob that my friend sandy & I took off the doors in an old farmhouse that was going to be torn down. I added a little pearly goodie to the middle.

this was an odd one. Not knowing what I was going to do next, I was flipping through a pad of paper and came across this one. It just happened to my wedding anniversary, so it became the focal point of this box.

We like out red wine, what can I say?

I feel artful at times.It fit.

I came across this spool of thread at a yard sale, turned out to be the daughter of my neighbor who was selling her moms sewing stuff. Small world. The crystal mouse sits nicely on this old spool.Button paper backs this little box.

I have a photo of my mother wearing this clip on the shoulder strap of her dress in 1966

Time ages things, but they are still beautiful. That is the way I  feel sometimes.

Bird in flight, again, my daughter (aka Bird) has flown away from the nest and is now finding new treasures to cherish as she goes through the Journey of life.

This is a seven point box, if you add scrabble points.

A rock that my daughter made a silly face on now sits upon some cushy moss and has a feather hat straight from our own yard.
A unique bottle given to me by Laura who wanted to do something crafty with these, now we all three have them in a shadow box assemblage. The wand is a reminder of how we made fairy wands on her birthday.

The Key, I love keys, and that bow. It took 43 years of tying bows and never being happy with them until Sandy showed me the proper technique, Thanks Sandy, This bow's for you.

The pewter hose was brought back from Germany by my mother.
This little box has no story to tell and not much going on other than a sticker that I really like to look at. Maybe it reminds me of a simpler time when I used to sew all day long.

Putt all together, you have a snapshot of parts of my life.

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ImagiMeri said...

Hi Amy,

What a beautiful collection! I love making those kinds of things, so many things to look at and every time you look at it, you see something new. Have a great weekend.


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