Monday, January 30, 2012

Lost but not Forgotten

I was itchin to make something I saw while glancing  ( OK OK who could ever just glance) at Pinterest.

The idea was emblazened in my to-do head. Kristy from My Pretties had shown what was a school project that I seemed obsessed with.
A lost sock holder! That was it pure and simple. Who dosnt have lost socks? And when you find one how do you know that isn't the one waiting for a mate? Or if you finally find the mate it seems the first lonely one has gone missing. It could go on and on and has in my home for years.
But alas, I SAY NO MORE!
I was not sure exactly how I was going to tackle this project so I looked through the piles of treasures I have collected and found two dollar store trays.

Perfect! Well as soon as holes were drilled in two corners.

Now we needed words, Hhmmm Cricut, Stickers, Chipboard? There are soooo many options.

Again while searching through the Alphabet drawer, I decided on Scrabble letters. Yes, I am getting happy.

Glue Glue Glue.

Next I gave the clothspins a nice little paper jacket to wear. That dressed it up just enough.
Now we are ready for a hanger. What beats Jute?

Wahlaa! No more missing socks. One for me and one to go into the shop.

Now let's see what other inspiration I can find on Pinterest. What will you make?

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