Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Problem......A 10 minute Solution.....And a smartphone!

I have been organizing the Studio ever since it's grand opening   (You know, when my husband moved his desk and workspace to the other room). It seems like there is always something that can be improved to help make things easier to find (or to remember you even have them..)

Todays Challenge hit me when I was figuring out where to put all the colored Sharpies that I had in a cup on my desk. Should I put them in the box with scrapbooking pens that is in the far corner? Should I let them live with the Rubber Stamping pens on the back wall? Would they be easier and more accessible with my bin of journal pens and pencils I use ? 

But not really, I have this divided box ...ABOVE...that has been looking for a purpose, but as you can see, they do not fit nicely. Ugh! Keep thinking. 

I have this great old Pepsi crate that my daughter gave me, that would work perfectly, except, I already started something with that and don't want to WRECK one thing to make another.   Hmmm, Keep thinking, keep thinking. I need a divided thing with structure.

AhHa! I think I found it.
I happen to have a few advent calendars and do not need this particular one anymore.
I will just take the lovely doors off, drawers out and get organizing.
A 10 minute solution once I figured out what to do.  
I was thinking and reminiscing  about blogging (been away from it for years) and thought to myself, "This would be a cool post."  So I grab the smartphone (because I now have one, finally), make a two second photo area and we will be ready to go.

As soon as I put a blanket on my little dresser, Frodo, the new love of my life,  thought for sure I had made him a new bed. Watson, the hound dog could not care less.  And with a few photos, this post was created.

What are you organizing today? 

1 comment:

annie hearts said...

Love the imaginative repurposing!

Annie XO

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