Friday, February 17, 2012

Put the Squeeze on it!

I was trolling the aisles of Dollar Tree looking for a project. to keep me busy. I  was out of luck, no inspiration. A couple things did fall into by little hand basket, like this toothpaste tube squeezer,

 but no crafting items.
Upon returning home and putting my tube in place,

 I had a revelation. This would work great on my E6000 tube that is hard to squeeze and always a crumpled wreck.

 It will also help get all my precious sticky out of the tube. Waste not want not.

 Maybe it will help you too.


Jan May said...

Just found you via Blog Train. Lovely looking blog. And, even though I can't get excited by a tube squeezer - I'm looking forward to following. Loving the garden statue further down.

Anonymous said...

I would have looked at this and just thought 'toothpaste'! lol Good 'thinking outside the box'. Thanks for visiting over at ReStitch Me. It's always fun to receive new comments, yes? :-)

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