Thursday, March 10, 2011

Why Do We Do THIS?

That time of the month is here again. I Mean the reveal of our Happy Homemaker Tag Along. This is to occur on the 10th of each month, and TODAY is the 10th. I get so excited to see what others have chosen to represent the month in our swap, and what new techniques we will see amongst the taggers. 

 I was asked by a very close family friend, "Why do you do this? I mean what is the point, what will you ever do with them? Isn't it a waste of time?"

OBVIOUSLY the family friend was a MAN and did not at all see the big picture, but none the less it did get me thinking about 'WHY' we do this. I wanted to have a bang up answer that would really show him...............Still thinking...........
In my recently acquired job of teaching art to children I introduced them to the 'TAG' world. I started my lesson by creating a power point presentation to teach about ATCs (artist trading cards). You can check out their work at my blog Little Hands Big Art.

While preparing my lesson I was especially pleased with slide # 8. 
(The Whole Presentation is at the end of this post)
It explains a few reasons 'Why We Do This' and leaves room for more reasons. If you have another reason, I'd love to add it to my list for future students to hear.

Now on to my Tag......
In keeping with my theme of 50's housewife, This sweet woman is setting up the living room with a new portable TV. Yippee. 
She was the initial inspiration.

I cut her out and thought about our family watching TV in March.
 'The Luck of the Irish' is a movie my children watched over and over and over and over.......

you get the idea.

 I was not sure everyone had heard of this nor did they have the same tradition as us, so, covered up went 'The Luck of the Irish' and in came something I was sure all my tagging friends could relate too.

please welcome the TV Dinner
and what would we be watching?  

Just look in the TV Guide

Not sure what this has to do with March, 
but at least you can see my process in creating this month's tag.

My daughter gave her input and strongly suggested that 
I add letters since the previous months both have lettering.

TECHNIQUE:   To the black part of the TV I added Glossy Accents by inkssentials. This gives the appearance of glass when it is fully dry.

I found a TV Guide on Google (I'm telling you they have everything) and yes it is from March in the 1950's  I then found pages from the inside of a TV guide and sized them to fit, printed them all out, glued them together and fastened them with a staple. 
I also added copper wire for those good 'ol rabbit ears. You remember right?
I like the angle of this photo because it really shows all the depth of this card. 
I HAD FUN CREATING and That's Why I Do This!

Now for a Feature Presentation!

SLIDE # 8  Remember The Question?

Thank You for sticking with me for this whole post. I am going to give away an Artist Trading Card /Tag that I have made to the first 4 people who leave a comment stating that they would like one. See you around blogland!!


Shean said...

I love your March Tag the whole tv dinner and tv guide just makes its. I love the ATC presentation I have been interested in doing this myself. Now all I have to do is start making them and trading them I would love to have one of your ATC's. Thank you

Linda said...

I love everything about this tag! I remember when we were allowed the occasional TV dinner...we thought it was such a treat! And I love your ATC presentation...what a fun project to teach to kids. I make and trade them to share a small piece of my art with friends and receive one in return. I'd love to have one of yours and I'll be sure to send you one back!

She'sSewPretty said...

Oh!! I love your tag. what a fun theme! I would also love one of your ATC's to hang on my inspiration board. I need to make some more too. They really are fun to create!

My Vintage Mending said...

Sign me up. That tag just takes the cake. TV dinner and all. Just perfect. I think I might just print this post and hang it up on my board so that I can just point to it when I get asked. That way I can proceed with crafting without interruption. Thanks for sharing...Renee

Creative Breathing said...

ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL AND INFORMATIVE AND FASCINATING! Your tag perfectly captures our generation's love affair with the TV. Your lesson to your students is so inspiring. My answer about tags is: History repeats itself. The Victorians were fascinated with printed images which had recently become available to the general public. They clipped and made handmade art by the oodles to share with their friends. I like to think of our today tags as the calling cards of our generation. Papers are again so beautiful, and with our own fascination with the technology of printing in our own homes, well.... you can see I am passionate about tags! Thank you again for your beautiful art and tagging along with me! Elizabeth

LaVerne said...

Over the top!!! The TV Guide is priceless...and the portable TV looks familiar...the details in this card are really perfect and you have really captured the era...not that I would know...Love this tag!

Debbie Doughty said...

What a fun post! And your card, what can I say? Wow, wow, wow. It's great! Is that Doris Day on the TV Guide? I love the TV Guide, dinner, screen and antenna... Too bad I didn't get my tag finished on time this month, I may have had a chance to be one of your first four commenters. It's finished now, but I goofed when posting the link so I'll leave it with you: Hope you like it!

Nan said...

This tag is so fabulous and you went to so much detail with it. Thanks for the detailed description too.

Anonymous said...

This is a fabulous post - and I love your tag! The TV guide is a riot! This is so "MY HOUSE" as a kid. The TV was so important. It's funny - we don't watch tv at all - the computer has taken over! Also, thanks so much for the powerpoint on ATC's - I learned something!

Tamera @ the Stone Fence Cottage said...

OMG--your tag is FABULOUS!!!
I used to teach art to kids-- and your idea for artist trading cards is AWESOME!!!

Creative Breathing said...

So looking forward to your April's tag! The link is now open. Elizabeth

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