Wednesday, January 15, 2014

" Mail Call 4 Happy Mail " ! !

The Documented Life Project has my head spinning, but in a good way. I encourage you to check it our here. 

Each week a new 'challenge' is posted. There is a closed facebook group that  you are able to post photos of your interpretation of the weekly challenge.  
We are on week three and although I have been having a fab time using the private facebook group to be inspired, meet some great people, and share my pages,I do not feel it ok to clog up the photostream with my goings on, so I once again will be back at the blog.  

January 12 Challenge (Week Three) -  Add an envelope from your mailbox. Get creative and add the whole envelope or parts of the envelope.  Journal on it, write notes on it or use it as a pocket!

I posted this on the fb group: "
Week three has my head first I was bummed because I personally do not have fun, pretty or exciting mail. But I am going to take a negative and make it a positive. There are seven days in a week, So, I am going to pick at random 7 U.S. and 7 non U. S. Participants and send them some happy mail. I will be picking these names from our documents page of names and addresses. Check your mailboxes."

 I decorated and mailed out not 14, but 27 pieces of mail all around the world, from Latvia, England, New Zealand, Australia, Canada to the south of my own state, California.
In each envelope I included a  small notepaper that reads ~Create your own Happiness~ A copy of some of my art that I have made or a handmade greeting card. I hope these things bring happiness to people all around the world.

Then I decorated my challenge pages with what I had in my mailbox. I collected the envelopes, studied them intently and created a few pockets and tip-ins. I cut up the envelopes and saved all the 'postal' sayings to add interest.

Next I added a tag listing all the recipients of the happy mail I sent out. If I get something in return, I will include it either here in the pocket, or elsewhere in my planner/art journal.

 I  punched out small envelopes to hold some little notes in the future, Notice the designs are different on the insides.......

The back side of the blue envelope page is decorated with the envelope guts that I punched using a hexagon punch.  I then used postal packing tape to cover the entire thing. It makes it a nice weight now too, as well as holding down all those tiny edges. It kinda reminds me of a quilt, which goes well with the quilting arts front cover.
Who knew there was so much to be found in a pile of bills.
What do you do with your mail?    
                                           Waiting for week 4....................

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Marrianna said...

Aw, you're so kind. Love your idea. So wonderful and generous. I'm like you, I don't get "happy mail art" of any kind. I got a few Christmas cards but that's it. Guess I'll need to make my own.

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